4 Ways to Channel Your Energy!!!

 The thing about energy is that it’s in every thing we do! So you may be focused on big moves within your career but are blocked within your confidence and self worth and the energy of your work flow can feel this misalignment from within. Sounds awful?!?!?! But don’t worry I’ve got a few quick tactics to take on fatigue, frustration and misplaced energy!!


Yes, yes, yes I know you’ve heard it all before, but the thing is THEY WORK!!! What you my not know is that the human brain is high in plasticity – meaning that the brain has the constant ability to be shaped and molded!! So if you want a better outlook on your day CREATE ONE!! 

Doing morning rituals such as affirmations, various lists of gratitude, or self-love bombing really help retrain the brain. 

2. Activate Your Energy

Energy literally runs through our bodies and because of this we can ignite our mind, heart, soul, and body from within ourselves.

Utilizing mindful based practices such as meditation, which slows down and focuses the brain, or yoga, which shifts energy and blood flow within the body, are extremely beneficial to grounding oneself and strengthening your mental muscles. This not only help restore energy, regular practice decreases levels of physical and mental ailments. 

Exercise, dance, play with you pet do something to get that energy flowing throughout your body. 

3. Organize your Day

I know it may sound a little bit trivial because let’s face it we all pretty much have our days already planned out in our heads. We already know what’s gonna be going on throughout our days, the things we have to do, and the general gist of our day. But hear me out, actually taking the time to put pen to paper and write a list, that you can see with your eyes, of what you have to do today not only helps you be more productive throughout your day it also helps lower levels of anxiety. Just imagine all of these thoughts roaming through your head versus sitting right in front of you on a piece of paper. 

Whoo I feel relieved already!!!

4. Take a Self-Love break

It’s time for a TIME OUT my loves!! That’s right! No matter who you are, where are you from, what you’re doing, or what you’re going through, you definitely could use some self-love. Now since self love is all the rage these days we see celebrities and the rich advocating “on a larger scale” self love practices. This is amazing news, but also

leaves the rest of us thinking that self-love is leaving your house behind, going on a 2 week retreat, and having no worries at all. And wow!!! Wouldn’t that be nice, and that’s definitely one way to practice self-love, but the most beneficial self-love is much more accessible for all. 

Self-love shouldn’t only be thought of as treating yourself to a trip or even anything expensive at all (but don’t get me wrong I’m definitely not knockin’ it). Self-love should be a daily practice of showing yourself gratitude and grace. 

Practices of self-love can come in all forms and you can get creative with it! You can take in mid day meditation break. You can have an intimate painting night with yourself. You can write yourself a daily note. You can say your daily affirmations. You can step outside of work and take three deep breaths into your diaphragm to reset your sympathetic nervous system. 

Listen Lovie you have got to take care of yourself any way you can. 

Get committed to YOU!!!

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