“How we can all learn to “GET UNSTUCK” in life” 

​​So you’re feeling stuck in life? You have no idea how to get yourself out of the rut that seems like it’s been there for eternity. Well don’t worry, because we’ve all had those moments where everything just feels so overwhelming–we feel defeated before even starting our journey! But what if I told you this too: nobody is “stuck” forever; sometimes things take longer than others or maybe they never happen at all…but either way- eventually we’ll find ourselves on an upward trajectory again (I promise)!

The key thing about unsticking yourself from any type situation lies within perspective shift. Let’s get started!

We all face challenges in life. Sometimes, it can be hard to get unstuck from the things that are holding us down and preventing progress on our goals so you may think about these 4 steps before giving up:

 1) Identify what has been pulling at your motivation or energy lately – maybe something changed where there was none before.

 2) Realize how much time has passed since this difficulty occurred (even if just days ago).

 3), Talk yourself through your obstacles and move one step closer towards success

4 ) Surround Yourself With Positive Energy!

The most important thing you can do to get unstuck in life is listen. Your inner voice will tell you if something does not feel right and this may have come from past experiences or even now, which could be why your day has been off lately – but don’t worry! Learning how to trust those feelings helps a lot of people find that conviction again so they’re ready for whatever comes next (LITERALLY  these days!!). Try listening to what you need. Is it getting outdoors. Is it creating a schedule. Doing an art piece. Being yourself around family and friends.

Chances are you haven’t always been in a rut and to be honest, every human experiences ups and downs in their mood and levels of motivation. The good thing is that we can begin to look at our past trials as helpful puzzle pieces that are creating a larger map to best navigate our lives, actions, and feelings within the world. Ask yourself when you were at your best? When was the last time you were truly happy? Zooming out of your daily life for a moment, what are some moments when we felt at our absolute best: that overwhelming sense of freedom and joy in being alive; pride from achieving an ambitious goal or feeling completely like your authentic self with no inhibitions. Keep that thought as a daily reminder that you are as unique and brilliant as you were in that moment. Remind yourself of the aspects within that moment that made it special; the people, places, activities, and you can add more!! Make THOSE things that fill you with joy abundant in your life and if not currently available find new things that reignite that feeling.

Getting motivated can come differently for everyone. Realizing that you are not alone in your struggle and that there are plenty of people who have been where you currently stand, or even worse allows us to open our mind towards conquering the thing that’s holding us back.

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